3D Printers :

It is not mandatory to have a 3D printer for your DIY projects. Especially if you want to make less than 2/3 projects. It represents an investment and time/money to know how to use the machine properly. However, if you are a DIY addict, it’s a must-have tool! I personally use aCreality Cr10 Pro V2 and one Artillery Sidewinder X1 with which I am very satisfied.

Welding Station :

It is essential to be equipped to weld. A soldering iron or a small station will do the trick.

Assembly tools :

No special tools are needed for the assembly of our projects. A good screwdriver or ratchet/socket set will do the trick. Also an electric screwdriver :

Wiring tools :

To do all our wiring and do a good job, it is important to have a good pair of fine wire cutters, a wire stripper or a cutter.

A third hand, very useful to facilitate the welding steps.

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