Direct Drive Simracing – DATA BASE

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Légendes :

  • Continuous torque : Torque indicates the motor’s “force”. This value is expressed in newton-meters (Nm). It corresponds to the constant, “continuous” force the motor can deliver at all times.
  • Peak Tork : This is the additional “point” force that can be deployed by the motor over a given time. Manufacturers limit this value in their software to prevent the motor from overheating. It is therefore the figure that is generally most widely communicated. When comparing two motors, you need to be careful about the type of torque specification given. The relationship between continuous torque and peak torque can vary from one motor to another, and can tell you a lot about the motor’s characteristics (responsiveness versus force).
  • Slew Rate : Speed at which force increases in Nm/ms. The higher the speed, the more responsive the motor, and the more detailed the information provided by the game’s telemetry.
  • Résolution Encodeurs : The higher the value, the more points per rotation the base is able to analyze. The resolution of an incremental encoder is equal to the number of pulses or points provided per revolution. Calculate the angular resolution (°/number of points) of an incremental encoder 10,000 points/rotation: 360 / 10000 = 0.036 degrees / point. 6.2) The resolution of an absolute encoder is equal to 2 with n number of bits.
ModelDate de sortiePrix (€) incl.20% taxesCouple en pic (Nm)Couple continu (Nm)
Slew rate Nm/msRésolution Encodeur en BitMoteurPuissance alimentation en W
Asetek Forte
2022105618 No Data6.722MIGE Servomotor400
Asetek Invicta
2022156027189.422MIGE Servomotor400
Asetek LaPrima
202374912No data
422MIGE Servomotor180
Fanatec Club Sport DD
2023699No Data12 NmNo dataNo DataNo Data
Fanatec CSL DD
20213495No DataNo dataNo DataBrushless servomotor90
Fanatec CSL DD + Booster kit
20214498No DataNo dataNo DataBrushless servomotor180
Fanatec podium DD1
2019119920No DataNo data16Custom-designed servo motorNo Data
Fanatec podium DD2
2019149925No DataNo data16Custom-designed servo motorNo Data
Logitech G Pro
2022749No DataNo DataNo dataNo DataNo DataNo Data
Moza R5
2022349No DataNo Data5,5No DataNo Data
Moza R9
2022479No DataNo Data5,515No Data180
Moza R12
2023679No DataNo Data5,515No Data216
Moza R16
2021869No DataNo Data5,518No Data360
Moza R21
20211099No DataNo Data5,518No Data480
Simagic Alpha
202092915No DataNo Data18Custom 5 Pole servo Motor252
Simagic Alpha Mini
202162910No DataNo Data18Custom 5 Pole servo Motor252
Simagic Alpha Ultimate
2021114923No DataNo Data18Custom 5 Pole servo Motor360
Simucube 2 Pro
2019143825No Data8.022Brushless Servo Motor450
Simucube 2 Sport
2019123317No Data4.822Brushless Servo Motor280
Thrustmaster T818
202264910No DataNo DataNo Data168
VRS Direct Force pro
2020899201022MiGE 130ST-M10010, inrunner, ⌀ 22 mm shaft400