About Us

The French Simracer is a project of enthusiasts that was born in 2021. The initiator of this project and first enthusiast is me Lucas. A passion for car racing that made me travel around the world for over 15 years. From prestigious racing teams to the most famous world championships. It’s a chance that I had as a competition mechanic to live this experience, during all these years. To live from a passion!

From Formula Renault to the World Endurance Championship through Formula 1 and Formula E, one thing is for sure, back home there is no question of changing your mind. So we might as well take a ride on a simulator! This hobby that allows to live by extension, this passion for racing but from home. Incredibly, over time, simulators have become more and more important in racing teams, in the search for ever better performance and data analysis before the race days.

After a few trips around the world, it was time to put down the suitcases. To leave a little room for family life in this fast-paced job! But there was no question of leaving my passion aside. Simracing is in full expansion, my desire to create, manufacture and use this know-how acquired during all these years itches my hands.

Bringing my piece to the building in this community, around the world from his living room, with equipment always more powerful and realistic was dear to my heart. From sharing to sharing and after developing some accessories for my personal account, I launched The French Simracer in 2021. The objective, the advice, the service and the sharing of my experience to allow everyone to push the limits of the virtual, at home!

Today, the company takes up many technical challenges. The access to new technologies allows us to develop from A to Z accessories for our simulators! All the trades are grouped in our steering wheels and displays projects (3D drawing, programming, machining, assembly). A real design office and workshop in a French company, with the support of the community and its passionate members. I have at heart to offer the best to answer your personalized requests, creations adapted to your needs, to live your passion! All our accessories are assembled by hand in a concern of completion and quality. A real know-how!