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Silicone handle kit for the Pokornyi GTE-Pro V2 project.

This handle kit has been specially developed by The French Simracer for the DIY GTE-Pro V2 project. Industrial die-casting is used to produce handles that will complete and enhance your project. The result is a grip identical to that of a professional steering wheel. They can be used with or without gloves, depending on your riding habits.

Assembly instructions :

– Die-casting is a highly complex industrial process. Each half-handle is reinforced with an aluminum insert to ensure rigid, durable assembly. This process places considerable stress on the material during the casting process, and the aluminum insert can sometimes deform very slightly under the pressure of the casting. You may therefore need to adjust the holes in your GTE-Pro V2 carbon plate.

We recommend simply enlarging the holes as shown in the diagram below, and then, if necessary, adjusting them more precisely to suit your project. The screws are identical to the original design (CHC M4x20) and are not supplied. When assembling, take care not to force the screws into position, as the threads of the aluminum inserts may be damaged.

Kit includes :

– x1 handle kit for a complete steering wheel (SHORE 70a)


Carbon plate not supplied

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