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Revolutionize your driving experience with CONSPIT’s patented hydraulic mechanism. Their cutting-edge design preserves and optimizes the master-cylinder-pump structure of a car’s real hydraulic system, eliminating complex oil hoses while authentically reproducing the feel and management of the car in drift.

Features :

  • Quick-set handbrake force: adapt the locking rate of your rear wheels with three levels of quick-set handbrake force.
  • Preload adjustment: use the thumbwheel to fine-tune hydraulic pressure for infinite possibilities in terms of feel and responsiveness.
  • 270° handle adjustment to suit your simulator position. The handbrake lever supports both vertical and horizontal position, allowing you to switch effortlessly between drift/rally and classic racing styles.
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor
  • Structure + handle entirely in anodized aluminum
  • All axles are mounted on ball bearings for reliability and low friction.
  • Hydraulic oil has stable physical properties and is non-toxic.
  • Fast, secure mounting on any rigid support

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