Emulateur SRM pour base Fanatec

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This emulator (PC-only) lets you use your custom wheels (other than Fanatec) on your Fanatec base with a simple QR1 or QR2 mounted on your wheel. This emulator tricks the base into believing that a Fanatec wheel is attached, and provides force feedback. Without an official Fanatec wheel, Fanatec bases normally give no force feedback.

Details :

  • Emulator in black anodized aluminum case.
  • Mounting plate for Fanatec QR (all versions)
  • SRM male connector for Fanatec wheels
  • Mounting center distance 70 / 50.8 / 52 mm (see dimension diagram at bottom of page)
  • Black countersunk screws 6 x M5 16mm
  • This product is supplied with the emulator and male pins for connection to the base of Fanatec wheels. You must use a Fanatec quick release (QR) with the emulator, otherwise you won’t be able to attach it to the wheel base.


  • Podium DD1 and DD2
  • CSW all versions 1, 2 and 2.5
  • CSL Elite Xbox and PS4
  • Older CSLs
  • CSL DD
  • If you use the QR2, you will also need the QR2 wheelbase part from Fanatec..

The V5 and V5b PCBs have new button heads that allow the use of up to 8 buttons, 2 shifters, a switch and the configuration button on the wheel. The 9th button can only be used as a configuration button for the DD1 / DD2 display.

Connection details :

  • Can use up to 3 Fanatec buttons from the Universal Hub
  • Left and right shifter
  • 5V
  • Use of emulator for anything other than Force Feedback is not supported

User manual :

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