Emulateur SRM pour base Fanatec V6

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New version V6: version 6 of the SRM emulator builds on the success of V5 with new benefits…

  • 22% shorter than V5.
  • All electronics inside the pin plug.
  • Can accept threaded or threadless fasteners on 70 mm and 50.8 mm hole models.
  • Button connectors are now an add-on, keeping the price of the standard version down.

This emulator (PC-only) lets you use your custom wheels (other than Fanatec) on your Fanatec base with a simple QR1 or QR2 mounted on your wheel. This emulator tricks the base into believing that a Fanatec wheel is attached, and provides force feedback. Without an official Fanatec wheel, Fanatec bases normally give no force feedback.

Details :

  • Emulator in black anodized aluminum case.
  • Mounting plate for Fanatec QR (all versions)
  • SRM male connector for Fanatec wheels
  • Mounting center distance, see dimension diagram at bottom of page
  • Hardware included
  • This product comes with the emulator and the male pins to connect to the base of the Fanatec wheels. You must use a Fanatec QR with the emulator, otherwise you won’t be able to attach it to the wheel base.


  • Podium DD1 et DD2
  • CSW toutes versions 1, 2 et 2.5
  • CSL Elite Xbox et PS4
  • CSL plus anciennes
  • CSL DD / DD Pro
  • CS DD / DD+
  • Si vous utilisez le QR2, vous aurez également besoin de la pièce d’empattement QR2 de chez Fanatec.

The V5 and V5b PCBs have new button heads that allow the use of up to 8 buttons, 2 shifters, a switch and the configuration button on the wheel. The 9th button can only be used as a configuration button for the DD1 / DD2 display.

Version : 

  • The standard version includes the aluminum case, connector and main PCB that will force the Fanatec base to give force feedback (emulator).
    The Pro version includes an additional PCB with connectors for adding x2 shifters + 8 buttons
    The Ultimate version also includes brackets for Fanatec shifters and adapter cables for Fanatec controllers to the emulator’s 2-pin socket. This only applies to a single pair of shifters and not to the APM.

Hole patterns :

Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

Standard, Pro, Ultimate