CPP-lite Hydraulic 2 or pedals set

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CPP.Lite: Precision pedal control!

Discover the new-generation Conspit monoblock hydraulic system. The vibration motors on each pedal can be set via Conspit Link or Simhub, giving you even greater riding immersion. The best compromise on the market!

Features :

  • Hydraulic system, innovative internal oil passage design for improved braking feel, guaranteeing first-rate performance.
  • Anodized design and finish, all-aluminum pedals.
  • The rigid bracket ensures optimum fixing of your crankset to your chassis, while the T6 heat-treated alloy construction offers a beautiful finish and longevity.
  • Non-linear clutch pedal: the ingenious clutch design reproduces real force, force mapping and stroke.
  • Rigorous testing meets professional standards.
  • Hall-effect gas pedal and clutch sensors
  • High-precision hydraulic brake sensor for greater precision on your downshifts.
  • M-DVF Vibration Feedback: customizable feedback system for immersive racing (runs under Conspit Link or Simhub)
  • With INSPEED RACING, access real-time data and fine-tune overlay curves.
  • Adapt to your style, whether it’s Formula Racing, GT Racing or more.
  • Game adaptation features: acceleration tests, telemetry, blocking and drifting for dynamic gameplay.

Version :

  • 2 pédales
  • 3 pédales

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Weight 8,5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 43 × 23 cm

2 pedals, 3 pedals