USb adaptator – Thrustmaster and Logitech

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If you have a set of Logitech or Thrustmaster pedals or a Logitech shifter that you want to use as a stand alone USB peripheral, this is the solution for you.

This adapter allows you to connect your existing pedals or shifter directly to your PC via USB port.

Suitable for: Thrustmaster T3PA / T3PA Pro pedal, Logitech G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 pedal and Logitech Gear Shifter

Packing includes:

1 x Converter Board (PC)
1 x USB Cable (PC)


1. It is recommended to unplug the mouse before calibration

2. There is a dialer on the board, and it is set to 1

3. Move all the equipment you have connected (axis and buttons);

4. Pull the dialer back to “ON”

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