Electronic Board

We group together several solutions to equip your flying project and button box with an electronic board. The electronic board is an important part of the project because it will allow a simple and reliable use in the time. We work exclusively with the French brand Electroseed but don’t forget to share with you other alternatives :).

  • Kit Radio Electroseed NRF52840, allows you to operate your device without wires. To be configured on the Electroseed store according to your needs. Card already programmed.
  • Carte Electroseed TWB, This board allows to interface buttons, switches, encoders, potentiometers, rotary switches, joysticks and various sensors, and offers a range of radio modules to implement wireless solutions very simply.
  • Contrôleur USB basique . Use this encoder, you can create your own arcade game machine. Easy installation design! Just connected on the push button and joystick.
  • Les Arduino. Easy to use, small budget. Advice for the programming with the tutorial >here<. We recommend the micro, easier to use than the NANO.